Eastview Homes 3 in Antipolo Rizal

EASTVIEW home-3 Antipolo

2-Storey Single-Attached House and lots for Sale at San Roque, Antipolo City

Location: San Roque, Antipolo City
Landmarks: Around 10 mins from Unciano Medical Center beside Loreland and Cattleya Farm Resort

Unit Types: Modern 2-Storey Single Attached units with 2 or 3 BR
Typical Floor Area: 53-66 sqm.
Typical Lot Area: 70 – 92 sqm.
Typical Price Range: Php2.17M – Php3m

Developer: Tradition Homes
Land Area: 5 Hecaters
Saleable Lots: 337
HLURB License to Sell No: 27024

Eastview Homes 3 is a good choice for families looking for a quality 2-storey Single-Attached house and lot within the Php2M to Php3M.

Eastview Homes 3 is located at San Roque Antipolo, beside Loreland and Cattleya farm Resort, about 1.9km from Unciano Medical Center and Circumferential Road. Project location is 100% flood free and is accessible through public transportation any time of the day. This project is a good option for families working in and out of Antipolo even for those working in Ortigas or Eastwood City.

Eastview Homes 3 is community with 337 single-attached units. Each unit comes with 2-3 bedrooms,1-2 toilet and baths and 1 carport and has and semi-complete turnover finishes. Like other Tradition Home projects, Eastview3 is constructed using proven conventional construction methods.
-One of the rare 2-storey Single-Attached home
-Built to last using conventional construction method
-Still in Pre-Selling mode and will be sure to appreciate in value upon turnover

-Elegant modern design for the units
-Not congested as it has relatively big cuts of lot starting at 70sqm.
-Secured manicured community

TCP 2,521,260
15% DP 378,189
Less RF 20,000
Net DP 358,189
For 15 mos 23,879.27

85% Balance 2,143,071 (int of 6.5%)
15yrs 18,084
20yrs 15,354

3 BR (Lot 72 sqm; Floor 67 sqm)
Total Contract Price ……….2,900,730.00

15% Down Payment ………..435,110
Less RF………. 20,000
Net DP ……..415,110
For 15 mos……. 27,673.97

85% Balance ……2,465,621 (interest of 6.5%)
15 yrs …….20,806
20 yrs……. 17,664
For inquiries contact:

0 9 1 7 6 8 4 4 6 7 0
0 9 3 5 9 3 1 5 3 6 0


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